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Dress Up Exhibit Press Release (to be announced)

Dress Up is an initiative aimed at exploring the art of self-expression through fashion. What began as an event series has organically blossomed into a collective with multiple and varied projects.

Frustrated by the limitations of the fashion world, Tosca Webb founded Dress Up in 2017 with the intent of encouraging connectedness between the photographer and subject during photoshoots. Providing vintage clothing and allowing subjects to dress themselves, she introduced an experience where people could explore clothing without judgement. After her first shoot - held in a friend’s apartment bedroom - it became evident that dressing up was a unique experience with limitless possibilities.

In the past year, Dress Up has held multiple sold-out events, curated a line of vintage fashion and merchandise, and created extensive visual content. Dress Up is about shedding societal expectations and actively deciding to refute fashion norms in order to express yourself honestly through clothing. We are all superstars!

Dress Up is run by founder Tosca Webb and partner Annie Brebner.

Exhibit Press Release Information

Dress Up will be holding an exhibit to highlight our “Stand Out Series” project. Over the past few months, we have been chronicling 11 participants as they interact with our initiative.

The exhibit will feature the following:

-  Personal interviews discussing each participants’ relationship with clothing,

self-identity, and past experiences with Dress Up. Conducted on VHS.

-  Portraits of each participants’ Street Style shot on film. Styled Independently.

-  Portraits and video compilations of participants interacting in a Dress Up event


-  Dress Up Merchandise for Sale

-  Music, drinks, and dance.

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Exploring the Intuitive Creative Process

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Art Matters and Art Souterrain Festival present a solo and collaborative interdisciplinary workshop with artist Jacqueline Van De Geer. This workshop will explore strategies that can be utilized during the creative process. Elements of this workshop will include: automatic writing, movement, space and object exploration, and other strategies.


Le Festival Art Matters et le Festival Art Souterrain présentent un atelier interdisciplinaire individuel et collaboratif avec l'artiste Jacqueline Van De Geer. Cet atelier explorera les stratégies pouvant être utilisées pendant le processus de création. Les éléments de cet atelier comprendront: l'écriture automatique, le mouvement, l'exploration de l'espace et des objets, ainsi que d'autres stratégies.

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to Mar 26

Art Matters 2019: Interface

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Artists / Artistes:
Ryth Kesselring / Resonance
Charlotte Dora Rollert / What Comes Natural
Teodora Stefan / Fragmentary Togetherness
Alisha Billias / Thought Distortions
Charline Lemieux / Tube Holler
Sasha Pozzolo / Haptic Feedback
Rachelle Marcoux / Tribute to Marjorie Rice/Hommage à Marjorie Rice
Jeremy Michael Segal: Creative Director, Michel Didier: Technical Lead, Roxanne Sirois: Art Director, Joseph Browne: Sound Designer / Proteus

Curator / Commissaire: Serena Desnauliers

Vernissage:Mar 7, 18h–21h
Performance: 19h

Exhibition/Exposition: Mar 7-26
Tuesday - Friday, 14h - 19h / Saturday, 11h-17h // Du Mardi - Vendredi, 14h - 19h / Samedi, 11h - 17h

Proteus Satellite Exhibition @ Concordia Webster Library Visualization Studio- Saturday/Samedi , 10h to 18h, Thursday/Jeudi 15:30 - 20h

Nomad Nation - 129 Ave Van Horne
[This venue has gender-neutral washrooms. // Ce lieu a des toilettes non genrées.]

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